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Here at Consciously Loving Me, I specialise in relationship issues, with a focus on the abandonment wound and attachment wounding.

From birth, everyone develops an attachment style based on the very first bond we have with our primary caregivers. When our various needs are not met at this young age, we experience trauma and wounding which can later play out in our relationships in adult life.

Let me help you to discover your attachment style and guide you to improve your relationships going forwards.

Based in Ashford, I welcome clients from across the UK.

Attachment styles

Our attachment style is created through the relationship we had with our caregivers at a very early age and childhood trauma also plays a very big part.


Sometimes we are completely unaware that we even experienced trauma because everything was so normalised and because we are unsure what trauma even is. However it’s quite easy to spot if you have an insecure attachment style once you know what you are looking out for.

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Attachment style archetypes

  • Secure - A good sense of self, loving, accepting, no real fear of abandonment, lets relationships grow organically

  • Anxious - Jumps head first into relationships, can stay in unhealthy dynamics too long, can seem clingy, overly occupied with their partner and the relationship

  • Avoidant - Keeps a distance, very independent, looks for red flags, runs from intimacy

  • Anxious / Avoidant - A mix of the archetypes you see above.
    The most challenging but has the biggest bandwidth for spiritual growth



Guide price: £111 per hour

Discount for NHS employees

Offers available for Blue Light workers, senior citizens and Army employees

Block booking discount available

Please note, all major credit/debit cards accepted, Paypal payments and cash.

If you are having relationship issues, text me on 07867 745006
Based in Ashford, my services at Consciously Loving Me are available across the UK.

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