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Holistic therapist specialising in the abandonment wound and attachment wounding

Based in Ashford I cover the whole of the UK

Here at Consciously Loving Me, I can help you with a variety of relationship issues. My specialist area is the abandonment wound and attachment wounding. I am here to help you dive deep and discover your attachment style which can in turn help you to understand your behaviours, your partners' behaviours, why certain issues keep coming up and how to address these going forwards, therefore having a positive impact on your relationship. 

Attachment styles are a very interesting subject, and once you discover yours it can have a dramatic positive effect on your life.

To get in touch, please text me so we can go through some questions and possibly arrange a date and time that suits you to connect. I am based in Ashford and extend my services to clients across the UK.

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Opening hours: 9am - 8pm Monday to Friday

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