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Holistic therapist specialising in relationship issues


About me

Six and a half years ago I went through a spiritual awakening after making a self loving promise to myself that I was going to meditate every day. It was the most profound experience of my life and prompted me to take a new and beautifully enlightening path of working on myself so I could help other people who were struggling with their own mental health too.


This was the best and most rewarding decision I have ever made for myself thus far! I myself, am recovering from my own emotional abandonment wound. The anxious/avoidant attachment style traits one picks up through childhood trauma affects all relationships in a negative way because the relationship to the self is not nurtured. It is only until we decide to embark on our own epic self love journey, which will in turn help in beautifully magical ways, that will improve every area of our lives and beyond!

Now with 6 years' experience I set-up Consciously Loving Me to help others. Based in Ashford, I offer my services throughout the UK.

How I can help you

I specialise in the abandonment wound and attachment wounding.

When we work on the relationship we have with ourselves, we improve the relationships we have on the outside of us.

I also help change the belief system because the beliefs we carry on a subconscious level dictate our reality and what we are experiencing in the here and now.


I can help to improve your communication skills and help to process trauma in a more positive way.
This is extremely powerful, life changing stuff.

All consultations are via ZOOM calls. Please text me so we can go through some questions and possibly arrange a date and time that suits you to connect.

"My sessions with Fiona have been predominantly around the abandonment wound that I had been holding within myself for over 40 years. At the end of the sessions I can feel the wound has healed leaving me feeling more resilient and with a new found depth of happiness. I’m no longer triggered into the deep sadness that I used to feel when life was hard and have come away with some fantastic tools to help myself in the future including an amazing hypnosis recording that I listen to daily. Fiona has a gentle compassionate approach and allowed me the time I needed to go deep into my memories and beliefs and then skilfully guided me to heal them. I would highly recommend. Thank you so much Fiona."

If you are having relationship issues and would like to speak to a holistic therapist, text me on 07867 745006 to go through some questions, before we arrange a ZOOM call meeting.

Based in Ashford, my services at Consciously Loving Me are available all across the UK.

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